Monday, January 21, 2013

Where it all began..

Dear Mom (Laurie), Aunty Cathy & anyone willing to listen,

   This is my Mom, Laurie.

She enjoys sporting events with her husband,

modeling jewelry with her daughter,

hanging with her beloved Rocky

& the great outdoors.

From the looks of it all, some might say she has "Got it made."

But twenty four years ago Laurie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis,
more commonly known as MS. The disease didn't seem like a huge deal back then.

It was manageable...I mean it had to be, she had two kids and a husband to look after.

But MS doesn't care about one's responsibilities.

It will grab a hold of your nervous system and eat it for breakfast,
& that's exactly what it has done to my mom.

Although in a motorized wheel chair, she continues to have faith
& stay as strong as she can for her family.

She hasn't had time to think about herself & what she can do to get better.
Now that her kids are older & in college she can finally get serious about finding a way to get better.

As some may know, MS does not have a medical cure. Not yet at least.

Laurie has tried several treatments that have failed to help. I remember coming home from elementary school and giving her a shot to the leg or stomach everyday. Those shots were supposed to stop the progression of the disease, but failed.

She has tried electrotherapy, several different shot medications, physical therapy, & several neurologists.

All have not done much...
So it's time for a major push.

It has been my wish ever since I knew how to wish,

"Please make the MS go away."

As I got older I would paraphrase a little each time to make sure I was wishing and praying in all different angles.

I would love more than anything to get my mom out of a wheelchair & walking, dancing, jumping spinning, running...

She has so much life in her that is bottled up just sitting.

Can you imagine not walking?

Being absolutely exhausted after making your bed?

For my Senior project at the College for Creative Studies my instructors asked me, "What is your Passion"?

Well if you got this far in the post you know exactly what it is.


Now I know that is a HUGE wish and project.

And It may not be possible to free her of the disease,
but if her quality of life can be improved at all, it would be worth it.

We have the support of my wonderful Aunty Cathy, who is going to help us research and organize a plan of action.

We are going to look at all the possible options for my mom until we find something worth while.

This college project is only 3 1/2 months long but this journey is going to be longer. The timing is perfect to find a solution & I can't wait to get started.

And for anyone who continues to follow along, it is going to be a wild ride!
Feel free to post comments or any information you might have to help us on this journey to a healthier mom.

I love you Mom,


  1. Rock on with this, Tiff. You're a laugh a minute, a tower of strength and now I know where you get it from. Best wishes to all of you guys.

    1. Thanks Dave :) I may get my personality from my mom, but my drawing from you!

  2. We always have your mom and all of you in our prayers. You have done a remarkable job capturing the beauty and lively spirit of your mom. I have always had the utmost admiration for your mom and her determination, she always share the most pleasant and genuine smile. We wish you all the best with your project and pray for any relief possible. God Bless You !!
    Pat and Deanna

    1. Everything counts! Thank you both for the support :)